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Eric Garcetti ’88, US Ambassador to India and Former LA Mayor – TSC058

In the season 4 finale, The Supporting Cast welcomes the 42nd Mayor of Los Angeles (2013-2022) and current United States Ambassador to India, Eric Garcetti ’88. In this episode, Ambassador Garcetti joins from Delhi, India, to tell his story—from growing up in Encino, to finding a passion for the performing arts at Harvard School, before studying international affairs at Columbia and as a Rhodes Scholar at Oxford. Mayor Garcetti also describes what drew him to public service; the child of Mexican and Jewish parents, Eric describes himself as a “bridge builder” with a passion and facility for bringing distinct groups of citizens together, finding common ground and working toward a better future, while acknowledging the inevitable disappointments and daily criticisms that accompany elected life. Ambassador Garcetti then explains his lifelong fascination with India, the world’s most populous country—a story that began in childhood, with parents who encouraged Eric to see the world, foster a curiosity about the lives of others, and then identify ways to serve. Mayor Garcetti references various educators at Harvard School, Columbia, and Oxford as profound influences on his life and career in public life.